Top 5 Luxury Holiday flats rental in Munich

Top 5 Luxury Holiday flats rental in Munich

If you are the kind of person that is interested in making sure that your stay in Munich is going to be absolutely extravagant than you are in luck because there are quite a few establishments in this beautiful city that are going to provide you with sufficient resources for that. Munich is one of those cities that people come to for business and pleasure. Top 5 Luxury Holiday flats rental in Munich We at the Zen Escort agency know and understand that there are going to be quite a lot of people that are going to want their stay in Munich to be absolutely refreshing and according to the standard that they are used to if not accustomed to. We also know that when people are coming to Munich for pleasure they want to be able to spend their days with an incredibly beautiful Escort Munich in the best possible ways.


This is one of the most luxurious options for short term and long term stays that you will ever get anywhere. It is located in Munich’s Schwabing area. The apartments are called smart apartments due to the sleek and modern amenities that you will be able to find in your room or suite. The general furnishing includes an elevator, shower, under floor heating to keep your toes warm in the cold weather, garden furnishings, laminated floors and of course, air conditioning. The apartment incorporates state of the art technical standards like smart sun light control, high speed internet, and internet radio. Top 5 Luxury Holiday flats rental in Munich So if you are the kind of person that wants to impress their escort with the finest looking place than this is definitely one of those luxurious options you can go for.


This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rentals for the upscale populace that wants to live in style in Ludwigsvorstadt Munich. With 21 and 32 sqm studio rental flats with some of the best artwork and modern design in Munich, your thirst for fine living will be quenched in the finest way possible. JOYN has a series of apartments all over Europe and they are continuously working in order to provide people with the finest experience of short term living, and that’s how they stay competitive in the business. This means that if you and your sugar baby decide to stay here than you are going to be in for a treat. With a series of smart, studio and smart plus apartments, different amenities are available which are all top-notch.


This is one of the apartments that have it all. With astounding 40 sqm of space, designed in one of the most lavish settings there are. If you are one of those people that like to make sure that you are going to have a blast in a spacious setting with your hooker than this is the place for you! The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you would need like for e.g. an electric kettle, fridge freezer, Hob, microwave with grill and so forth. Located in the Petra-Kelly-Straße area, this is place is definitely worth the stay.


Located in Munich Moosach, this holiday rental flat is one of the best ways to provide your escort with a taste for the finest style of living there is. With 30 sqm you will get a comfortable double bed, a comfortable and warm lounge area, a dishwasher, a smart TV and more than 30 amenities. Related to the same brand, these apartments stick to the standard of the other branches all over Europe. The amenities are world class for a short term luxury renal flat and it is due to this reason that so many people are attracted to these flats and even top scale people of the highest 1 percent.


Located in Munich Giesing, belonging to the same brand of Far Away Home this category of holiday flat rentals is absolutely one of the most comfortable and gracious luxury spaces you will find anywhere. The category itself was formulated for an enhanced comfort experience and it is due to this reason that the amenities you will find in these apartments are going to match the theme accordingly. Top 5 Luxury Holiday flats rental in Munich The amenities are fine, especially the cleaning and textils that are modified to keep up with the times of the Corona Virus. There is a proficient cleaning service that you can call according to your need as well sanitization of sheets and furniture upon request.

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