Quadro Nuevo Concert 2020 Munich

Quadro Nuevo Concert 2020 Munich

Munich is a city that has a very versatile population and when you do finally decide to visit the city one of the things that you will wish to do when you do visit is explore the city and its attractions. As you are already aware that the only way in which you make a visit to Munich memorable is with the services of Escort Munich, having an escort accompany you to various places certainly adds to the excitement and provides you with the satisfaction you need in order to have fun. With beautiful models there are many places that you can do and one of the things that definitely will be extremely fun is to attend a Quadro Nuevo Concert that is due to take place in Munich in the year of 2020. You will be able to dress up smart, have your model dress in a beautiful dress and head to a Jazz concert listening to a band that has traveled all over the world.

What is Quadro Nuevo?

Quadro Nuevo originally began with 4 talented people meeting in a parking space, never worked with each other they were there to do their bit while recording for a movie which never aired. The collaboration gave clear indication that something fascinating was at the beginning of its cycle and 1996 marked the year where four great composers got together to give the world jazz in its purest form.  The group began to pick up following, traveled with each other to venues and kept performing, at each turn getting more and more flowers. They began to be nominated for many awards and as years went on many world tours. Since their finding in 1996 they have performed thousands of concerts and are now coming to Munich in 2020 to perform for their German fan base.

Quadro Nuevo Concert in Munich – Details related to 2020 Munich Concert.

This year has already seen a lot of problems considering the pandemic and the physical and psychological effects it has had on the people. It is clear that the people are in need of activities which they can enjoy and refresh their moods. Whether you are already a visitor or a resident of the city of Munich, in the year of 2020 you will have the chance to access the Quadro Nuevo Concert on two separate dates. The fact that there are two dates means that even if you are not able to catch the first show you can always wait a couple of months for the next one.

Concert in July 2020

By now you must definitely be aware that this year there are two Quadro Nuevo Concerts in Munich. The first one is scheduled to take place on the 23rd of July 2020 at the Blutenburg Castle and is set to start at 8pm. It is a brilliant place to be and tickets are being sold as pre booking. You can use the services of Pasinger Fabrik to get yourself tickets and can even use the services of Munchen Ticket. The price per ticket is 20 Euros or 25 Euros depending on the type of ticket that you are purchasing. The concert is set to take place with strict hygiene procedures to ensure that the current pandemic is not a problem. The open air concert will provide you with the best experience of being enriched with jazz music and is the best place to go with your escort for the night.

Concert in December 2020

The second Concert of Quadro Nuevo this year in Munich is just before Christmas, on December the 1st to be exact. The tickets have not begun to sell but it would be a great idea to keep an eye out for the tickets. As the concert is based for the holiday season it would be a great way to begin preparing for Christmas. With a beautiful model you can experience breathtaking music and have a perfect start to the end of the year. For now, all we know is that the concert is set to take place in Prince Regent Theater at 8 pm.

You can always visit their official website for more info.

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