9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling

9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling

There is quite a bit of potential for people who are going to be taking a beautiful girl to one of these spots for a good time and if you are with an Escort Munich from our agency 9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling then you are going to want to go to one of the top places to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on the girl you’re with.

1- 9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling – M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar

The setting and the way it is constructed translates beautifully into the modern architecture of Schwabinger Tor. There was a supermarket that used to run along this street, people used to know this district as a couple of stops for everyday shopping, but now after some detailed reconstruction, there are restaurants, bars, and cafes as well as cycling studios that you can make use of here. 9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling The only thing that was missing in this district was a rooftop bar and with the construction of the M’Uniqo rooftop bar, the entire area seems to be tied up neatly.

2- Mandarin Oriental

If you want to cozy up to Munich’s skyline than heading on down to the Mandarin Oriental rooftop hotel will enable you to fully enjoy not just view but also all of the amenities of the 5-star quality. 9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling With Mandarin Oriental, you can make full use of the bar, lounge, and terrace restaurant. You can easily enjoy the astounding 360-degree panoramic views as well as a quality rooftop pool to enjoy your time with your escort in fine fashion.

3- Dachgarten at Stachus

You will never expect to go to a garage for entertainment, dining, and lounging but the Adolf-Kolping-Strasse 10 is more than the average parking spot. Just a few meters away from the noise pollution of Stachus square, this roof garden is tucked away for customers looking to relax in an ambient yet warm atmosphere. The food here is fairly lighthearted like Asai bowls, popsicles and sandwiches, and other fairly light drinks.

4- 9 roof terraces for exquisite chilling – Blue Spa Terrace at Hotel Bayerischer Hof

The sunny blue spa terrace and lounge are one of the most amazing places to be if you wanted to enjoy some ravishing panoramic views of the city and the mountains. If you were concerned about not being able to get in because of it being in the Bayerischer Hotel than you do not need to be worried because the sunny blue spa terrace isn’t reserved just for the guests of the hotel itself, which means that you can enjoy some deeply sensual times at this spot.

5- Oberpollinger restaurant

If you were out shopping with your travel escort and wanted to make a quick stop to relax and have a few drinks than the roof of the Oberpollinger restaurant is going to meet your requirements along with being one of the spots you choose to go out to and spend some quality time with your girl.

6-Flushing Meadows Hotel

Situated on Fraunhoferstrasse at the center of the Glockenbach district, the flushing meadows hotel may look like just another rooftop hotel but it is one of the places that incorporate fabulous design and interior into the mix of customer service. The service is as proficient as the atmosphere.

7- Café Vorhoelzer at the Technical University

There aren’t a lot of places in Munich that are known for catering to young creative people, professionals, and students. Café Vorhoelzer is the kind of rooftop restaurant that you go to, to enjoy a meaningful conversation with intellectuals and if you are the kind of person that enjoys such talking about such meaningful topics than taking your escort to this restaurant atop the technical university will prove quite meaningful.

8- Hotel Deutsche Eiche

The roof terrace at the iconic Hotel Deutsche Eiche is situated in the center of the Gärtnerplatz district. This roof terrace is in close vicinity to Alter Peter, Frauenkirche, and many other Munich landmarks that you can scout from up top in the best of ways. Hotel Deutsche Eiche is at the heart of Munich’s LGBTQ culture and is an important landmark as well for those who are followers of the same ideology and culture.

9- Munich skyline

Located high above the media bridge at the Rosenheimer str. is one of the most iconic venues for the most upbeat and relaxing gatherings. Most of the time you will be able to find the hippest and happening venues at this spot but it is also known for being one of the most laid-back venues in between parties so you can get the best of both worlds with your escort here!

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